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Miniature Homemade Reese's Bars

Happy Thursday foodies. I cannot believe I haven’t given you a recipe until today, I think this is the longest I have gone in quite some time. I am glad to have something for you today and have a great post coming tomorrow, just in time for Easter this weekend. Stay tuned.

Nick and I have been on the go since Saturday… really Sunday. Our lives changed drastically on Sunday and we cannot be more excited; yet, it is a very scary time, too. In all of the excitement we had to celebrate Nick’s birthday over the course of a couple of days. We went out to dinner on Monday to celebrate officially, but he got a sweet surprise yesterday with the candles, birthday song and all. I did it a little bit differently this year. If you remember I went all out on his birthday cake last year. I was slightly concerned that cake would be off the Richter scale in points. Instead I made one of Nick’s favorite things – a chocolaty peanut butter treat. This year he enjoyed Miniature Homemade Reese’s Bars. They were a total hit.

Nutritional Information:
Servings: 54
Serving Size: 1 Bar
Calories: 124.2
Fat: 8.2 g
Carbohydrates: 11.6 g
Fiber: .48 g
Protein: 1.3 g
Points+: 3


Recipe adapted from What a Dish 

  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 packet {about 8 sleeves} whole graham crackers, crushed into fine crumbs
  • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • ½ cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons butter


  • In a large bowl, mix together the butter, graham cracker crumbs, confectioners’ sugar, and 1 cup peanut butter until well blended
  • Whip until light and fluffy
  • Press evenly into the bottom of an ungreased 9x13 inch pan
  • In a double boiler melt the chocolate chips with peanut butter and butter, stirring occasionally until smooth
  • Spread over the prepared crust
  • Refrigerate for at least one hour before cutting into squares
  • Store, covered in the refrigerator

I am not a huge fan of peanut butter and chocolate together; well, really, I have to be in the mood for peanut butter. Nick happens to LOVE the combination. These little morsels of goodness really hit the spot; I especially love the little bits of graham cracker crumbles. That really hit the spot for me.

Make sure you store these little guys in the refrigerator – they begin to melt fairly quickly. I hope you give them a try. You will never buy the stuff at the store again!

Until Next Time,

Happy Creating 

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Reader Comments (8)

My hubby will adore you when I make him this recipe. He eats reece cups all the time but his favorite are the eggs and hearts and trees for the holidays because there is more peanut butter in them...he will probably be addcted to these pretty quick...we thank you!

April 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBestfoodies

You are not a fan of PB and Choc together?! I am not sure we can be friends anymore :)

I can not wait to try this recipe. I just have one question about the graham crackers. You said 1 packet- about 8 sleeves of graham crackers. How much is this exactly. I think a BOX of graham crackers has about 3 pkgs of the graham crackers in it. So can you tell me about what size box you used or maybe how much of the "crushed" graham crackers to use? Like 1 cup etc. I'm just confused about how much graham crackers to use.

April 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSimone

Of the 3 packages in the box, use just one!! I hope you love them as much as we did!! :)

April 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterCooking With Mel

I do not have a double boiler so I put the choc chips, butter & peanut butter in microwave on low power and in 30 seconds at a time. And I was extra careful that the bowl and my spoon was completely dry, as I know any drop of water will ruin the chocolate. But it never looked right, like it was melted and looked grainy. So I tried a new batch with using a glass bowl on top of boiling water, stiring constantly and it still came out grainy. What else could I have done, except buy a doubler boiler? Hubby is not pleased with me b/c he spent $20+ in ingredients. lol :(

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSimone

I am sorry to hear you had such a tough time with this recipe. The chocolate should not come out grainy, that is for sure. I simply created a double boiler by boiling water in a pan and adding the chocolate to a glass bowl situated above the water {the boiling water should not touch the glass bowl}. I think it is important to mention that the chocolate is not going to be liquid-like. It will be a thick consistency. You gently spread the thick chocolate on the top of the bottom mixture. My fear is you overcooked the chocolate to begin with, because it should not have turned out grainy. Remember, the consistency should be THICK not runny. If you continue to cook the chocolate thinking it will become runnier, you will ruin the chocolate mixture. If you try it again, keep in mind not to overcook the chocolate and to gently spread the THICK chocolate mixture on the bottom crumb/PB mixture.

April 18, 2012 | Registered CommenterCooking With Mel

Ok..I really really want to make this recipe, but I only have a box of graham crumbs at hand right now... so how much of that would I use? 1/2 cup? 1 cup? Thanks. :)

April 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjessiejo

Hi Jessie! Thanks for stopping by. I would say probably closer to the 1 cup mark. One sleeve of graham crackers is about 8 large crackers. Trying to imagine that crumbled I think it has to be close to 1 cup. You obviously don't want to overload it, but you definitely want to have those little pieces throughout! They are really good. I hope this helps you!! :) I hope you like them. They were a huge hit with Nick & his coworkers!

April 4, 2013 | Registered CommenterCooking With Mel

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