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Gluten - Free Products

Good Morning Everybody! This Tuesday morning I do not have any fabulous recipe for you.  In fact, I cannot guarantee that I will have one later today either! Fear not, I will be back soon with a special dish in honor of a special person. For now, I am going to share some of the gluten free items I found in the last 10 days that really saved me and inspired me. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I was worried that I would not be able to find gluten free products as easily as I would some place else. Yes, Yes, I'm sure I sound like a broken record to some of you, but we do live in the middle of nowhere right now. 

I have a bunch of things to bring to you, so let's get started!!

Last week I made three gluten free smoothies that were thick enough to be a meal substitute. Nick and I got to talking and he suggested putting some Whey Protein in the smoothies so that it would give you more of what you need in a meal substitute. I found this great gluten free Whey Protein. If you notice, this particular container is flavored [Vanilla Almond]. So, fear not people who follow a GF diet, you, too, have flavorful options!!

The next products I found were equally as fun and amazing. Take a look at this GF chocolate cake mix. It was great to see these products in our little local grocery store. It is no Wegman's, let me tell you! You can understand my fear, but I was amazed at how many options I had. In fact, if you take a minute to talk to the people who work in the store, they will tell you what the store is doing to improve on their options, believe me - I asked!










Next up, pasta and GF substitutes for cooking foods. The store had a whole section of gluten free, rice pasta noodles and pasta and cheese. I used the gluten free, rice lasagna noodles for our lasagna night on Sunday and there was no discernible difference to regular noodles!

I've noticed that a lot of GF recipes include ingredients for Potato Starch and Xanthan Gum, particular with doughs and breads. I will be using these two, very important, ingredients in the weeks to come so keep checking back! There are a ton of other ingredients like this in my little store, all of which are important gems in the GF world!










Now let's get onto some important little things - the snacks! Oh yes, snacks! Are there good GF snacks? Do they compare to non-GF snacks? Well, there are a ton of snacks out there! I could not possible blog about them all, but I am including a few below. Check them out, buy them up and eat them all! Fear not, no gluten is involved!!!



The one thing I have not included is the Blue Diamond Nut Crackers. I fully intend to cook with my in the coming weeks, but they are 100% gluten free! Blue Diamond also has Baked Nut Chips that are not GF, but contain PPM levels that do not exceed 20. So if you have a slight gluten intolerance, the Nut Chips may be a good fit for you. It really is a judgment call. You can check them out and decide for yourself. The great part about these little guys is the variety of flavors Blue Diamonds manufacturers, so you do not have to worry about being locked into one flavor! 

In my angst for trying to find gluten free products, I talked to somebody who worked for the grocery store. He was very helpful and seemed to know some things about Celiac Disease [CD). Unfortuntely, I did not ask him if he suffered from CD. However, he did tell me he noticed the more media coverage of the disease and noted that the store was doing more to infiltrate more GF items in the store. That made me very happy! He showed me to my most prized isle, and subsequently, my most visited isle the last two weeks. He was great and I was thankful for running into him. 

The other thing to keep your eyes peeled on in the store is the little tags under the GF items. If my little military - town store there were TONS of little tags indicating that it was a GF product! Woohoo!!! I was very excited!

I hope you all enjoy these things! If you have taste tested any of these guys [or others], drop a comment and tell all of us how you like them or what products you do prefer!! We'd all love to hear from you!!

See you back here later.

Until Next Time,

Happy Gluten-Free Shopping!

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Reader Comments (4)

Great Post!! I am really proud that you have done such a great job in exploring new things!

March 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNick

There are a few pasta brands that use corn, which get less soggy than the rice pasta. I think it's Mrs. Leepers. Also, many brands that are not marked gluten free are actually okay for most people who have gluten intolerances. Keith and I found that Ezekial brand bread have sprouted wheat, which does not have high levels of gluten so for some people it doesn't give them any problems. Rice crispies are naturally gluten free and so are marshmallows, so rice crispy treats are also popular. The hardest thing to find is good bread products. Keith really likes the Ezekial brand, but some people may not be able to digest it. For pizza crusts we get Ener-G brand crusts and put his favorite toppings on. They cost about $11 for two thats not too bad. I usually make a separate one for me that is not gluten-free so that he can have more for left overs. I can't think of anything else right now, but I know a ton of I will get back to you with more!!

April 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterchantelle

Thanks Chante! I've noticed that a bunch of stuff is actual free of gluten and not marked! I guess I've learned it's really about checking the ingredients... if I'm not sure about something I just check the internet quickly to make sure I'm safe! The biggest issue I'm having right now is bread products! I wanted desperately to blog about it but I just could not pull it off. I found a couple of awesome recipes [well I hope they are awesome] for gluten free pizza dough and biscuits, so keep checking back [or I can let you know that something GF is coming up!] I'm really excited about continuing the GF recipes. I became addicted. If you and Keith have any great recipes and want to pass them along, Nick and I will make and blog about them!! Talk soon!! :)

April 1, 2011 | Registered CommenterCooking With Mel

Bob's Red Mill has a great Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread Mix that is really easy to make and actually tastes like a Rye bread. It's really good.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbryana

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