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Welcome to my foodie blog! 

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am glad you are stopping by, whether it is for the first time or somewhere among the dozens of times. If this is your first time, puruse the site. I have more than just food to offer. I hope you find something you are looking for!

Having spent the majority of my life in school - from college, to graduate school and law school I decided to take a lower key type of approach to life by experimenting with food. What I realized is that cooking is sometimes as hard as law school, but can be as easy as talking to your best friend [weird analogy, I know... just go with it!].

Originally I am from the great state of Pennsylvania but recently relocated thousands of miles away. However, I did not travel on my own; I traveled the distance with two of the most important men in my life, my boyfriend Nick [pictured above] and our puppy Pippy. I could not imagine having done it without them.

I was never really a cook; I never had to be. But when I found myself having my first real apartment, I needed to make something to survive. While I routinely escaped the cooking responsibility with easy meals like eggs or eating out, I knew I had to make a slight change when the three of us made our great pilgrimage into  adulthoods unknown.

Currently, I'm in a career purgatory, to say the least, and I have decided this is a great opportunity to dedicate as much time as I can to cooking and experimenting with food. While I have embraced recipes that I find delicious and have encountered before, my hope is that in the near future I will begin to expand my pallet and experiment with the not-so-familiar dishes that are more difficult and complex!

Currently, I am in the process of trying to better develop the link "Because Life is Complicated Enough..." It is the link farthest to the right. BLCE is a special project that goes beyond food to incorporate life's little lessons, struggles with everything and anything and my feelings about politics, life, love and so much more. While I am not here to make you feel the same way I feel or preach to you from afar, I do believe that part of my blog can transcend food and encourage people to communicate about their personal struggles in life and love and beyond. I think it is important that we all share life's lessons, trials and triumphs, bad times and good times. We all experience these things and maybe we can help somebody who is struggling with something similar. It's important to know that our struggles don't have to be isolated, nor do our triumphs! So share, communicate, talk or email me. I would love to feature your story on that part of my blog. Don't be shy, we can all relate in some way!

While I realize I am on my own personal journey in life, I hope you can all plug into my blog and find something you enjoy. Please do not hesitate to suggest your favorite recipes or dishes you want me to test out for you first! I am up for almost anything and it is my hope that you all come along for my personal pilgrimage in life and food.

Delicious Wishes,

The other key character: Pip Squeak, the Almighty Yorkshire Terrier!


Picture was taken by Carolyn at Pups with Style.

Reader Comments (3)

I have the real need to hug the second man in your life...Pippy! He's the cutest!!!!

May 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commentergrammycurry

oh, MEL! You're a young lady doing the necessary well before you need to! Having learned most of life's offered lessons the difficult way, it's encouraging to see a professional with a job deficit turn inwards to observation and reflection. To find amazement and discovery with the basest of needs i.e. mastering flavor and texture manipulation (cooking!!!) is rewarding; a mindless but mind-encompassing satisfaction like no other. Does that make any sense? I'm constantly surprised by foodies that do nothing but cook and eat without giving any small glimpse into lives or what makes them tick. Are they real souls? Is there nothing more to them but food? I wonder... So annnnyways, I DID pop over from Mayree's to see what you're all about. I'll be back. Right now I've got to go see if I can find that lllllllast pack of chocolate mix for a frozen hot chocolate!!!!!

June 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMary

Great site! Can't wait to look over your recipes. Cooking is such a fun journey, and it is satisfying to see people enjoying what you just made. Keep on rockin'!

September 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRock Star Dad

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